workforce solutions Simplifying Reimagining possibilities

Simplifying workforce solutions reimagining possibilities

Empowering transformations…

IMS Group is a Global Workforce Solutions company, with a mission to accelerate and transform your business’ way of working through a range of flexible and comprehensive outsourcing services. Since 2006, our aim is to support you with skilled and curated resources, helping you focus on business growth and value creation.

IMS Group divisions – IMS People Possible, IMS Decimal, and IMS Datawise – are seamless extensions to your teams, with experts handling your operations to elevate your business. IMS People Possible, our flagship brand, provides Recruitment Outsourcing Services; IMS Decimal supports companies with Finance and Accounting Outsourcing Services; and IMS Datawise specialises in Property Preservation and Inspection Outsourcing Services.

We are here to
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The core of our existence

The IMS Group Charter is the foundation of everyday business activities, performed by the passionate teams at IMS. Every word in the charter supports the company’s vision, shapes our culture, reflects our values, contributes toward building a positive future, and sets out our commitment to fostering an inclusive culture of trust, openness, and respect for all.

In a true sense, we can proudly say that all IMS employees ‘live and breathe’ these values. Our guiding principles and core values hold utmost importance to us as they deliver a purpose to the organisation’s goals, and serve as an essence of our identity. We believe in championing bright ideas, innovative solutions, and progressive thinking to achieve our bold ambitions.

Our team is a diverse blend of people from across the globe, who all share the same philosophy: If it’s about PEOPLE, we make it POSSIBLE!

Our divisions

We are reinventing ways to assist and offer services to clients across multiple industries and countries. IMS Group and its divisions are always focused on offering holistic and path-breaking solutions, which directly address complex workforce challenges that modern businesses face, offering them with new avenues for generating extraordinary results. Our workforce solutions span three industries:


Investing in the good,
for the better

People Possible Foundation

IMS Group always believes in creating the right balance between economic growth and the well-being of society and the environment. We strive to make a difference in society with our actions, and want to contribute to building healthier communities. For this, we initiated the ‘People Possible Foundation’ under our Corporate Social Responsibility Act.

Under the ‘People Possible Foundation’, IMS Group dedicatedly manages various socio-economic welfare and progress activities, like societal development, research and maintenance of heritage sites, nurture and protection of the environment, and encourages activities across commerce, arts, sports, education, and religion.

Our Associations

Uniting with the brightest brains, across different industries

For more than 18 years, IMS Group has delivered cutting-edge solutions to countless industries and verticals, with utmost diligence, assurance, and unwavering quality.